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I have completed laying my DMX Airflow underlayment, and the process was simple and easy! We laid it over a concrete slab and noticed right away the cushioning we got and the difference in temperature between the concrete floor and the covered floor. The next day we had carpet installed on top of the DMX Airflow and it doesn't feel at all that there is a concrete floor underneath. The feeling is equivalent to having OSB or plywood with a carpet underpad. Our carpet installer was impressed with the material also and took some samples to show future customers.

Testimonial #12 - Milan M.

I had carpet with underpad directly over the concrete floor in my basement and could feel the damp environment and musty odour permeating over the years especially in the summer. I have now installed 300 Sq.ft. of DMX Airflow and 15mm laminate floor over it and it makes a huge improvement. My floor is warm and feels solid to walk on without even OSB installation. I am happy with the product and especially with good customer service of DMX, they responded to my questions and also especially stayed open on the weekend to pick up the product.

Testimonial #11 - Melwyn M., Mississauga ONT

Our experience with DMX Airflow was a positive one. It was easy to install (we watched the video, which is excellent). We used an 8mm laminate over the DMX Airflow in a storage room in the basement where we had efflorescence problems. So far, the result is great and looks good. The long term will tell us how efficient the product is.

Testimonial #10 - F. M., CT

Wow, what a great product DMX Airflow is! Our contractor was pleased with the ease of installation. It's comforting to know that if there is a bit of moisture that this product has been designed to deal with worries there! We love the fact that it has an insulating factor that makes the basement floor warm and cozy! Overall a great experience with DMX Airflow and highly recommend it to anyone!

Testimonial #9 - Cher D.

I had been searching for quite some time for a subfloor that is economical, completely water resistant, provides a thermal break and can accommodate vinyl planked flooring. I had a previous bad experience with OSB based subflooring due to a plumbing leak; once expanded due to moisture, OSB does not shrink back to its original thickness once dried so needs to be replaced. Therefore I was happy to find the DMX Airflow underlayment. It was a snap to install (just unroll it and tape edges together!) and install the click vinyl planks on top of it. I certainly am happy with this product and would certainly recommend it.

Testimonial #8 - Mark Goettel, Lethbridge, Alberta

I recently used the DMX underlay for the first time. Great product to work with, very easy to cut and shape. Plenty of tape provided for the seams. Low profile and durable underlay/vapour barrier is perfect for basement use. This product would work well as subfloor for hardwood, carpet or laminate flooring...... Should be a very good selling product in my opinion! Will definitely use again.

Testimonial #7 - Dwayne L., Toronto, ON

I recently had a flood in my basement where I had to remove my flooring and underlayment, I decided to install DMX Airflow underlayment. The product is very light and it is really easy to work with. It stays flat when unrolled, you only have to seal it with the tape that is supplied with the product. It's impressive the difference of flooring temperature when installed, the underlayment stopped humidity and cold feeling of concrete, even before installing flooring. This is an amazing product, a lot better than what I had before, efficient to have a comfortable floor, in the basement.

Testimonial #6 - Martin B., Quebec, QC

We recently decided to redo the floors in our basement with laminate. Our first choice was DMX Airflow. One look at the roll and the technology was evident, it looked like a better product from the get go, and it didn’t disappoint. The installation was fast and easy even for someone like me with little experience. I was quickly able to place and cut DMX Airflow with a simple pair of scissors. Once installed I could feel a noticeable difference in the warmth and comfort of our floors. This is a room we will enjoy for years and DMX Airflow is a big part of that. This is one of the best purchases I've made for our home.

Testimonial #5 - Alberto M., Toronto, ON

I used DMX Airflow under my vinyl floors and I couldn't believe how easy it was to install. It has given my floors and home extra comfort and warmth, nothing out there like it.

Testimonial #4 - Katelyn A., Welland, ON

We absolutely LOVE this product!! We were looking for an underlayment that would help make our basement warmer, quieter and “comfy” and DMX Airflow did the job! It was really easy to use, we didn’t have to do any major work – just roll it out and trim it – and voila! No mess, no fuss. Just put our laminate over top and now the floor feels great. The dimples on the bottom will let water flow in case of a flood, so we don’t worry about moisture sitting under there any more either. We highly recommend DMX Airflow!

Testimonial #3 - Debbie G., Caledon, ON
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