“My wife and I hired a general contractor to finish our unfinshed basement in our newly built home. In order to save money I decided that I would handle the subfloor and floor installation in order to save labour costs and we would leave all the rest (framing, electrical, plumbing, drywall etc) to the pros. We spent a few weeks going back and forth between DriCore and DMX Airflow for our subfloor. After many trips to Home Depot and lots of online research we chose to go with DMX Airflow, and I am so glad we did. Not only is this product the best cost/sq foot in subflooring it is by far the easiest to install! Aside from the easy installation I think the number 1 selling pioint of this product, (aside from all of its great properties) is that there is almost NO WASTE when installing. Every scrap piece of DMX Airflow that I had left over from cuts I was able to use in a differnt area. We had a few tricky angles from the overall design and yet all I needed to install this subfloor was an exacto knife. I installed 12mm laminate flooring on top of the DMX Airflow we could not be happier with the look and feel of our new basement floor.

Thanks DMX!!”