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Comparative Specs

DMX Airflow™ Dricore™ DMX AG Underlayment™(Similar to Platon)
No Clicking Sound
R Value (Insulation) ASTM C 518-04 1.2** 1.7*** Not Published
Compressive Strength ASTM D 1621 8,250 lb/sq.ft** 4,000 lb/sq.ft*** 6000 lb/sq.ft.
Moisture-Proof Seal At Joints
Easy To Install
STC (Sound) Rating 70**** Not Published Not Published
IIC Rating 71**** Not Published Not Published
Warranty 50 years 25 years 50 years
Price* $0.80 per square foot. $1.65 per square foot. $0.40 per square foot.
For Laminate/Engineered Hardwood Add: Laminate Foam Not Required. Required. Add: $0.25/sq.ft. Required. Add: 5/8″ Plywood: $0.65/sq.ft. Laminate Foam:$0.25/sq.ft.
For Vinyl Planks Add: 5/8" OSB Not Required. Not Required. Required. Add: 5/8″ Plywood:$0.65/sq.ft.
For Carpet Add: 5/8" OSB Carpet Pad Not Required. Required. Add: Carpet Pad: $0.40/sq.ft. Required. Add: 5/8″ Plywood $0.65/sq.ft. Carpet Pad: $0.40/sq.ft.
Total Material Cost To Install Laminate/Engineered Hardwood $0.80/sq.ft. $1.90/sq.ft. $1.30/sq.ft
Total Material Cost To Install Vinyl Planks $0.80/sq.ft. $1.65/sq.ft. $1.05/sq.ft.
Total Material Cost To Install Carpet $0.80/sq.ft. $2.05/sq.ft. $1.45/sq.ft.

*Information obtained on January 7, 2016, as per retail pricing at a major coast-to-coast, big-box retailer. Information may vary from area to area. Prices in Canadian Dollars.

**Numbers based on laboratory testing.

***Numbers retrieved from the manufacturer’s web site.

****Foam on one side.

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