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DMX Airflow is a patented underlayment for use under all types of flooring. It is the quietest dimpled underlayment in the market and has an air gap design that promotes airflow under your floors to evaporate mold causing moisture. You can install laminate flooring, luxury vinyl planks and carpet directly on DMX Airflow, NO NEED for expensive plywood or OSB subfloors.

Installs under Laminate, Engineered Hardwood, WPC and SPC Vinyl, and Carpet

No OSB/Plywood, Carpet Pad or Foam Required

Features and Benefits

DMX Airflow™ outperforms every other underlayment and subfloor product in the market. Here’s why:

  • Patented Underlayment – US Pat. No. 9,869,100 / Canadian Pat. No. 2,948,276
  • Space age foam on BOTH sides makes your floors cozy and comfortable
  • Air gap design promotes air flow under your floors to evaporate mold causing moisture
  • You can lay Laminates, Engineered Hardwood, WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) and SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) Vinyl Planks (5mm or thicker) or Carpet directly on top of DMX Airflow™, NO OSB or Plywood required
  • Simple, fast and easy to install – no special tools required
  • Low profile means that you do not have to re-adjust the heights of your doors and stairs
  • 100% Waterproof on ALL sides
  • Complete moisture-proof seals at the joints with DMX Vapor Tape™
  • Does NOT require a complicated moisture test of the concrete prior to installation as required by traditional foam underlayments
  • Foam on both sides of membrane insulate your floors from the cold
  • Crush Resistant – Crush Strength 5,500 Lbs. Sq./Ft.
  • 50-Year Warranty – Best in the Industry


What is DMX Airflow™?

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Using DMX Airflow™ with Carpet
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Carpet Installation using DMX Airflow™
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DMX Airflow™ Installation Video
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We recently decided to redo the floors in our basement with laminate. Our first choice was DMX Airflow. One look at the roll and the technology was evident, it looked like a better product from the get go, and it didn’t disappoint. The installation was fast and easy even for someone like me with little experience. I was quickly able to place and cut DMX Airflow with a simple pair of scissors. Once installed I could feel a noticeable difference in the warmth and comfort of our floors. This is a room we will enjoy for years and DMX Airflow is a big part of that. This is one of the best purchases I've made for our home.

Toronto, ON

I recently had a flood in my basement where I had to remove my flooring and underlayment, I decided to install DMX Airflow underlayment. The product is very light and it is really easy to work with. It stays flat when unrolled, you only have to seal it with the tape that is supplied with the product. It's impressive the difference of flooring temperature when installed, the underlayment stopped humidity and cold feeling of concrete, even before installing flooring. This is an amazing product, a lot better than what I had before, efficient to have a comfortable floor, in the basement.

Quebec, QC

"I had carpet with underpad directly over the concrete floor in my basement and could feel the damp environment and musty odour permeating over the years especially in the summer. I have now installed 300 Sq.ft. of DMX Airflow and 15mm laminate floor over it and it makes a huge improvement. My floor is warm and feels solid to walk on without even OSB installation. I am happy with the product and especially with good customer service of DMX, they responded to my questions and also especially stayed open on the weekend to pick up the product."

Mississauga, ONT


DMX Airflow™
Length29 feet / 8.8m
Width42" / 1.07m
Dimple Height1/6" / 4mm
Weight15lbs / 6.5kg
Coverage100 sq.ft. / 9.3m2
Compressive Strength8,250 lb / sq.ft.
american-flagDMX Airflow™
(Similar to Platon)
No Clicking SoundYes!No!No!
Compressive Strength (Plastic Core with Foam) ASTM D 6364-06 (2011) at 19% Yield
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8,000 lb/sq.ft.**6,642 lb/sq.ft.***6,000 lb/sq.ft.
Moisture-Proof Seal At JointsYes!No!Yes!
Easy To Installcheck1a
VOC Free
CDPH Standard Method V1.2
Acoustical Test Result
(Impact Sound Transmission Test)
ASTM E 492-09 / E 989-06
Acoustical Test Result
(Sound Transmission Lost Test)
ASTM E 90-09 / E 413-10
Warranty50 years25 years***50 years
For Laminate/Engineered Hardwood
Add: 5/8" Plywood
Laminate Foam
Not Required.
Laminate Foam:$0.25/sq.ft.
5/8" Plywood: $0.65/sq.ft.
Laminate Foam:$0.25/sq.ft.
For Vinyl Planks
Add 5/8" Plywood
Not Required. Not Required.
5/8" Plywood:$0.65/sq.ft.
For Carpet
Add: 5/8" Plywood
Carpet Pad
Not Required.
Carpet Pad: $0.40/sq.ft.
5/8" Plywood $0.65/sq.ft.
Carpet Pad: $0.40/sq.ft.
Total Material Cost To Install
Laminate/Engineered Hardwood
Total Material Cost To Install
Vinyl Planks
Total Material Cost To Install

*Information obtained on January 7, 2016, as per retail pricing at a major coast-to-coast, big-box retailer. Information may vary from area to area. Prices in American Dollars.
**Numbers based on laboratory testing.
***Numbers retrieved from the manufacturer’s web site.
****Foam on one side.


What is the compressive strength of DMX Airflow™?
The crush strength of DMX Airflow™ is 8,000 lbs/sq.ft or 55 psi, which means the dimples can support weight and maintain an air gap up to that load

Will the dimples in DMX Airflow™ compress over time?
As long as you don’t exceed the ultimate crush strength of the material – 8,000 pounds per square foot – the dimples will not get damaged. They will stay their current shape. DMX Airflow™ is warranted for 50 years

Will I have a problem if I want to put heavy furniture or a pool table on top of DMX Airflow™?
Heavy furniture, including pool tables, can be placed over DMX Airflow as long as weight distribution is less than 8,250 lbs/sq.ft or 56 psi.

Is it waterproof on both sides?
Yes DMX Airflow™ is completely waterproof on both the top and bottom sides of the membrane

If I have water damage from a leak, can I re-use DMX Airflow™?
Absolutely, just clean off the dirt and re-use. You will, however, require DMX Airflow™ Vapor Tape to re-seal the seams.

Can I lay laminate floor and engineering floors on it? Do I need to lay plywood or OSB in between?
You can lay laminate floors directly on top of DMX Airflow™, you do NOT require OSB or plywood in between

Why do I have to leave a ¼” gap around the perimeter of the room?
The ¼” gap allows the moisture a route to evaporate

Will the moisture not get into my stud walls?
No it will not, because stud wall are normally protected by tar paper or a vapor barrier of 6 mil poly

Can I lay DMX Airflow™ in every room of the house?
Yes, DMX Airflow™ has been designed to be laid in every room of the house, because mold and mildew can grow anywhere in the house

Do I need to lay 6 mil vapor barrier under or on top of DMX Airflow?
No, we do not recommend 6 mil Poly under or on top of DMX Airflow™.

Can I lay down WPC or SPC vinyl planks directly on top of DMX Airflow™? Do I need to put a layer of plywood or OSB in between?
Yes you can lay down WPC or SPC vinyl planks directly on top of DMX Airflow™, and plywood/OSB is NOT required in between as long as the load distribution of the furniture or cabinets do not exceed 8,250 lbs/sq.ft or 56 psi.